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We are made up of a diverse group of experienced counselors eager to help individuals and families in our community. Get to know us below!

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Kristen Cole
MS, LPC, Executive Director

Kristen graduated with her Master of Counseling and Student Personnel degree from Oklahoma State University.  Kristen enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. She has a great passion for helping children who display "difficult behaviors" or defiance. She enjoys working with adults who exhibit symptoms including anxiety, depression, anger, stress, fear, and fatigue and with couples and families to improve communication, interpersonal and relational skills.  Kristen uses a variety of counseling modalities to help each individual build upon his/her own unique set of strengths in order to confront problems and overcome obstacles. Kristen works to provide a nonjudgmental environment and believes that by working together in a relationship of trust and sharing, each individual can set a new course in life and achieve self-fulfillment and awareness.

Jenny Mosley
MED, LPC, Clinical Director

Jenny has served as the Clinical Director for Choices Counseling Center since its inception in 2007.  Jenny graduated with her Master of Education from the University of Oklahoma and she has over 15 years of counseling experience.  Jenny has significant experience working with emotionally/behaviorally disturbed children, abused children/adolescents and adult survivors of trauma. Jenny views therapy as a process and she believes it is important to meet people where they are so they can fully embrace the changes they seek to make. Jenny has extensive experience using trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy but she believes it’s important to tailor the counseling modality she uses to the needs of each individual. Jenny believes that trauma can have long reaching and lifelong effects if left untreated.  She understands that resolving traumatic events can be very stressful and scary and, because of the experience she has had working with trauma survivors, she considers it a privilege to walk with someone on a journey that transitions that person from survivor to thriving.

Lindsay Wilkins

Lindsay graduated with her Master of Arts from Southern Nazarene University and she is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She enjoys working with a broad variety of clients from children and adolescents to adults and families. When treating children, Lindsay utilizes play/interactive therapy to aid exploration and healing.  Overall, it is Lindsay’s desire to treat each person in a supportive, empathetic manner to elicit self-discovery and change.

Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma in 2008, and earned his Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma. He completed his practicum at the OUHSC Child Study Center.  He is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Training Program in Child Abuse and Neglect, and is trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).  Matt's background includes working with children and adolescents in foster care and providing family counseling to adoptive, foster, and biological families.  Matt provides counseling to individuals, couples and families struggling with issues such as children with behavior issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma from abuse and neglect, and individuals suffering with depression and anxiety.  Prior to working at Choices, Matt worked as an ABA tutor for children with autism for 3 years. View Matt Anderson's Psychology Today Profile

Shar'Dae Lihekona

Shar’dae Ihekona is a Licensed Professional Counselor that is passionate about providing trauma-informed care to the clients that she serves. Shar’dae assists clients that she serves achieve happiness, healthiness, and wholeness. Shar’dae provides a supportive, safe place that enhances her clients’ ability to be transparent and be their authentic selves. She assists her clients with further empowering themselves by assisting her clients with ways to further empower themselves, communicate personal needs, practice assertiveness, establish healthy boundaries, and identify healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships. Shar’dae utilizes her counseling skills to provide couples, families, and individuals with ways to enhance their self-esteem and address symptomology that maybe impacting various aspects of life. Shar’dae also enjoys educating others about the importance of mental health, the impact of domestic violence on victims and families, and the importance of boundaries. Shar’dae also has zeal for helping other therapists and professionals replenish themselves. She has recently started a mind, body, and spiritual fitness program that has been enlightening in ways of promoting better self-care.

Shar’dae recently became a Board of Director for NAMI Oklahoma, sits on the grant committee The Task Force for Oklahoma Child Abuse and Neglect, and is a member of the Oklahoma Clinicians of Color. Shar’dae was recently selected for the NextGen Under 30 for Policy and Public Service. Shar’dae is a former board member of Suited For Success. Shar’dae is having her first annual conference called Encourage The Encourager, Heal The Healer in October that will consist of providing self-care strategies, personal and professional boundaries for helping professionals, and the importance of promoting physical health for helping professionals.

Sarah Allbright

Sarah received her MA in Counseling Psychology from Southern Nazarene University. Her internship experience included work in grief therapy groups for children, intensive outpatient group therapy with adults, and community mental health. Sarah is certified as a Circle of Security parenting facilitator, and is a member of The Oklahoma Society for Psychoanalytic Studies and The Oklahoma Association for Infant Mental Health. Sarah believes that a person’s current symptoms and presenting issues have meaning, and should be carefully considered in the context of his or her life history, cultural landscape, and relational settings. Sarah offers relationship focused, trauma informed therapy with an emphasis on facilitating a safe relationship in which new understanding can emerge. She believes in every individual’s capacity for growth and change, and is committed to working with you collaboratively towards your goals. Sarah works with adults and teens experiencing anxiety, depression, struggles with emotional regulation, and dissociative disorders. She has a particular interest in issues related to early childhood trauma, including physical and sexual abuse, relational trauma, and difficult patterns in relationships.

Ethan Schlect

Ethan Schlecht was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. Ethan graduated from Oklahoma State University with a master’s degree in mental health counseling in 2017, and he has worked at Choices Counseling Center since August 2017 as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Ethan is an active member in Oklahoma Society for Psychoanalytic Studies. In life’s many obstacles and difficulties, one essential need is to be heard by others. In this respect, Ethan places a heavy emphasis on the therapeutic relationship so his patients can feel heard and understood. As a therapist, Ethan’s wish is to provide a safe haven for patients to have a source of support in their lives. Life contains many doors and opportunities, and it can be beneficial to have someone to discuss aspects of these options. Ethan enjoy helping people process these predicaments and offer them perspective to help them in their decision making. He works from a relational, humanistic framework where the therapeutic relationship is co-created by the patients and himself. Ethan believes it is important for people to be aware of their needs and to be self-compassionate. His job as a therapist is to help patients discover their needs and to explore the origins of those needs. Ethan enjoys working with people from a variety of backgrounds related to family systems issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties.

Zoe Schlecht

Zoe graduated with her Master of Education from the University of Oklahoma in professional counseling. Her internship included work with Children and adolescents. She was born and raised in Honduras and moved to Oklahoma in 2014. Zoe is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) She enjoys working with a big diversity of clients from different age ranges: children, Adolescents, Adults, and families. When working with Children, Zoe uses play/interactive therapy, and to help clients with exploration and healing. She works from a Humanistic/ strength centered framework. Where she hopes her clients will find and learn about their best qualities. She focuses on building an authentic counseling relationship with each client. Overall, Zoe wants to create a safe, therapeutic environment, for her client to find healing and growth.

Matt Pierce

 Matt is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate.  He was born and raised in Watonga, OK and has worked in social services for over eight years.  He presently holds a BS from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and a MA from Southern Nazarene University.  Matt has experience in providing therapeutic services to adolescents, teens, adults, couples, and families in both an individual and group setting.  Matt is a member of the Oklahoma Association of Play Therapy and is currently pursuing certification as a Registered Play Therapist.

Holly Edwards

Jason Murray

Heather Rogers

Lindsey Turner

Jessica Schonlau

Scott McWhirter

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