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We are made up of a diverse group of experienced counselors eager to help individuals and families in our community. Get to know us below!

Choices Counseling Center has additional therapists who are not pictured and who do not have a biography on the website at this time. Please call to inquire.



Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma in 2008, and earned his Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma and completed his practicum at the OUHSC Child Study Center.  He is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Training Program in Child Abuse and Neglect, and is trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).  Matt's background includes working with children and adolescents in foster care and providing family counseling to adoptive, foster, and biological families.  Matt provides counseling to individuals, couples and families struggling with issues such as children with behavior issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma from abuse and neglect, and individuals suffering with depression and anxiety.  Prior to working at Choices, Matt worked as an ABA tutor for children with autism for 3 years.


Shetina Bunn

MED, Class Instructor

Shetina has been working for Choices Counseling Center as a psycho-educational class instructor since 2008.  She received her Master’s degree in Adult Education at the University of Central Oklahoma in 2011.  Shetina currently teaches the Parenting, Anger Management and Co-Parenting classes at Choices.  Shetina’s passion is teaching; she believes that everyone brings his/her own valuable experiences to a class.  Shetina’s teaching goal is to provide an open and safe atmosphere, to teach parents and adults the skills to serve as positive examples for our children, to become better managers of ourselves and to learn from our mistakes.




Mike Chapman


Mike graduated with his Master of Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and has been working with individuals and their families since 1978.  He and his wife of 38 years have raised three children together. Mike enjoys working with families and individuals who experience ADHD, depression, bi polar disorder and psychosis.  In therapy, Mike works to create a non-critical and supportive atmosphere where his focus is to help an individual reduce negative behaviors and thoughts through the refocus on rational, logical thoughts that produce positive behavior and attitudes.




Kristen Cole

MS, LPC, Executive Director

Kristen graduated with her Master of Counseling and Student Personnel degree from Oklahoma State University.  Kristen enjoys working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. She has a great passion for helping children who display "difficult behaviors" or defiance. She enjoys working with adults who exhibit symptoms including anxiety, depression, anger, stress, fear, and fatigue and with couples and families to improve communication, interpersonal and relational skills.  Kristen uses a variety of counseling modalities to help each individual build upon his/her own unique set of strengths in order to confront problems and overcome obstacles. Kristen works to provide a nonjudgmental environment and believes that by working together in a relationship of trust and sharing, each individual can set a new course in life and achieve self-fulfillment and awareness.


Jerald Dunn
BA, Case Manager

Jerald graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Central State University.  He is honorably retired from the United States Air Force where he served 23 years as a Communications NCO.  He served in Greece twice, Thailand, Vietnam, the Panama Canal Zone and various areas of Central America with the Organization of American States (OAS) for 4 years.  Jerald is also retired from the Department of Human Services where he worked for 15 1/2 years as a Child Welfare Specialist assessing family and individual needs in order to affect change for his clients.  Jerald is as a Case Manager at Choices where his goal is to link individuals and families to community agencies and other resources in order to ensure that each individual and family has needed support systems in place.



Tarae McDonald

BS, Rehabilitation Specialist

Tarae earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Oklahoma State University and is currently working as a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation specialist for Choices.  The second youngest in a sibling set of ten, Tarae understands sibling dynamics. Her passion is leading interactive groups, giving sisters and brothers the tools to help establish & maintain healthy bonds and the skill set to successfully interface with society.  In her free time, Tarae enjoys crafting and taking her Pomeranian, Reilly, to the dog park.





Jenny Mosley

MED, LPC, Clinical Director

Jenny has served as the Clinical Director for Choices Counseling Center since its inception in 2007.  Jenny graduated with her Master of Education from the University of Oklahoma and she has over 15 years of counseling experience.  Jenny has significant experience working with emotionally/behaviorally disturbed children, abused children/adolescents and adult survivors of trauma. Jenny views therapy as a process and she believes it is important to meet people where they are so they can fully embrace the changes they seek to make. Jenny has extensive experience using trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy but she believes it’s important to tailor the counseling modality she uses to the needs of each individual. Jenny believes that trauma can have long reaching and lifelong effects if left untreated.  She understands that resolving traumatic events can be very stressful and scary and, because of the experience she has had working with trauma survivors, she considers it a privilege to walk with someone on a journey that transitions that person from survivor to thriving.


Pat Murphy

Pat earned her Master in Rehabilitation Counseling and her Master in Family and Marriage Therapy from the University of Akron.  During her Marriage and Family Therapy program, Pat had to write a short phrase to capture her belief in her role as a therapist.  The description she wrote and still uses today is “to facilitate stepping stones and butterfly’s wings”.  Pat believes that her therapeutic role is to help with identification of the steps to use to obtain the individual’s idea of positive-life experiences. Since moving to Oklahoma in 2004, Pat has had the privilege to work with multiple children and adults, many of whom were experiencing Reactive Attachment Disorder, multiple adjustment challenges, systemic family challenges, anger management, and other emotional dysregulations.  Currently, she is interested in becoming certified in Dialectic Therapy; a therapy approach that incorporates the well-researched Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness.

Matt Pierce


Matt is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate.  He was born and raised in Watonga, OK and has worked in social services for over eight years.  He presently holds a BS from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and a MA from Southern Nazarene University.  Matt has experience in providing therapeutic services to adolescents, teens, adults, couples, and families in both an individual and group setting.  Matt is a member of the Oklahoma Association of Play Therapy and is currently pursuing certification as a Registered Play Therapist.






Corby Thompson

Corby graduated with his Master of Arts from Southern Nazarine University. Corby believes healthy relationships with self and others are at the core of emotional and mental wellness.  He believes that effective therapy begins with developing a safe and trusting relationship between clinician and client.  His approach to the therapeutic dyad is to partner with his client to increase insight and broaden perspective to resolve hurts and generate new possibilities for change.





Lindsay Wilkins

Lindsay graduated with her Master of Arts from Southern Nazarene University and she is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She enjoys working with a broad variety of clients from children and adolescents to adults and families. When treating children, Lindsay utilizes play/interactive therapy to aid exploration and healing.  Overall, it is Lindsay’s desire to treat each person in a supportive, empathic manner to elicit self-discovery and change.






Mary Homan

Kara Wilkins

Marzreh Fiyazi

Melissa Grass

Melody Daniels

Sarah Albright


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